Tamil Thriller Films That Engage on Screens

There are Tamil web series that people like to watch, and this is due to the fact that these web series not only have a good story but are highly entertaining. If you like to watch web series, you can choose to watch the Tamil web series,such as Pettaikaali, Irai and many more.

You can watch these top Tamil web series on a reputed OTT site like aha. The best thing about watching top Tamil web series on OTT sites is that you can watch them anytime or anywhere you want. Read the guide below to learn more about top Tamil web series such as Irai and Petaikaali.

Top Tamil Web Series That You Can Choose to Watch

The top Tamil web series that you choose to watch on OTT sites are as follows:

  • Pettaikaali

This is arguably one of the most famous Tamil web series that you can watch with friends and family. The web series is based on the game Jallikattu, directed by Raj Kumar, and produced by Grass Root Film company. This Tamil web series cast includes Kalaiyarasan, Antony, Sheela Rajkumar, Vela Ramamoorthy, Goutham and many more. The web series has around six episodes, and each is better than the other.

The story of the web series revolves around the game ‘Jallikattu’, and the hero looking to marry the girl he loves tames a bull that belongs to her. Due to some acts performed by the hero, an old feud reignited between both families.

Telugu Movies

  • Irai

This is one of the latest Tamil web series directed by Rajesh M Selva, and the cast includes Sarathkumar, Shri Krishna Dayal, Abhishek Shankar, Gouri Nair, Shrisha and many more. In a particular city, there is a mysterious disappearance of men from wealthy families; ACP Robert Vasudevan looks to investigate the mystery and finds various patterns in the abduction.

Soon, he and his team reach one common link, and after the conclusion of the investigation, only one woman stands between Robert and the truth. This is easily one of the most exciting web series that you can watch.

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